One of the biggest misconceptions I had was that taking time to do something I wanted just because it made me happy was selfish, therefore, self-care was… selfish.

The easiest way I can explain it with an example is this: I was afraid to take a day off at work to relax at home, catch up on a book, go to a park or write, because I thought I would fall behind on my work, my coworkers would have to handle my load for a day, and most importantly, I thought my bosses would think I was slacking. Not to mention, just the thought alone would bring me an incredible amount of anxiety.

I named this blog Self-Ish Care because self-care is NOT selfish. Get it? No?

I am writing this blog in hopes of helping someone, even if it’s just one person who can’t take 5 minutes for him or herself every day, someone who thinks self-care is expensive and the only way is to spend hundreds of dollars at the most expensive spa in town, someone who has every relaxation app on his or her phone in the hopes of organizing their life and getting their shit together, someone who panics at the thought of relaxing for a few minutes because “we should be busy all the time”. The list can go on and on and on.

That someone is me. I literally just described myself. Self-Ish Care is for myself, and for you. Therefore it’s self-ish, but not selfish.

Self-care is as simple as drinking your morning coffee outside without your phone in your hand, breathing deeply for a minute, putting on a mask while you reply to your emails, washing your face every night, waking up early, waking up late.

There is no right or wrong way of taking care of ourselves. There is only self-care.